Planning your Wedding During a Pandemic


Front of Aynhoe Park on a sunny day
Bride and groom standing in front of Blenheim Palace lit up in purple
Bride and groom standing in front of Blenheim Palace lit up in purple
Bride and groom standing in front of Blenheim Palace lit up in purple
Bride and groom standing in front of Blenheim Palace lit up in purple

Planning your wedding at any time is stressful, however planning your wedding during a pandemic just adds to that stress ten fold. The uncertainty, the idea of postponing, not knowing how many guests you’ll be able to invite and just generally staying positive and staying excited.. It just isn’t easy..

We know it’s easy to say, “just relax”, “everything will work out” when it’s not our wedding, but the truth is, putting more pressure on yourself isn’t worth it. Part of the fun of your wedding in the months/ years leading up to it, is the planning! Making sure you’ve checked out all the best venues, narrowed down your guest list, using Pinterest and Instagram to find the best style and generally having cosey nights in with your fiancée discussing how incredible your big day is going to be!

Firstly, breath! We know it probably doesn’t feel like it now, but everything will always work out as long as you have a plan! We know it isn’t easy planning your wedding during a pandemic, especially when there is so much we still cannot be sure of, however this is still your wedding day, and you still need make sure you’re enjoying every single part of it. We’ve listed a few ways to start;

  • Firstly, grab a cup of tea (or wine if really needed) and try and remember the end goal here. You’re going to marry the love of your life, and it’s going to be marvellous no matter what!
  • If you’re at the beginning stages of the planning;
    • Have a little scroll through Instagram and Pinterest and start saving your favourite pictures.
    • Make a list of potential venues and suppliers that have been recommended or that you like the look of.
    • When it comes to choosing a date, be realistic. If you’re looking to have a micro wedding you’re obviously going to be more likely to have that sooner rather than later. If you’re wanting a large scale party, I would strongly consider waiting a year or two so we can be absolutely certain that it can go ahead.
    • Set your numbers and aim for the warmer months.
    • When speaking to new suppliers, make sure you have in writing exactly what their terms are in regards to postponements and cancellations due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Bare in mind that these terms will not stand if you just decide to not get married, they will follow government guidelines only.


  • If you’re at that stage where you’re looking to postpone your wedding because your dream just cannot become a reality at this point;
    • Make a list of suppliers you need to contact, starting with the venue and discuss new dates and take note of their postponement terms and fees (if any).
    • Start by calling each supplier to have a honest conversation over the phone. Remember these suppliers are going through just as much stress as you are, if not more, but they’re likely not to show you this at all. Be kind.
    • Once you have had these conversations, write each supplier an email to ensure they have this in writing and follow up until you get a response about the new date and terms.
    • Once you have the new date and all suppliers locked in, you’ll need to decide how to let your guests know. Are you keeping it casual and sending out an email to everyone or would you like to design a beautiful little date change card to send out in the post?
  • Take everything a day at a time and if it gets too much work through your to do list slowly.
  • If planning your wedding gets to be too much, grab the wine, light a candle, play some music and have a nice relaxing bath!

If you’re currently looking for the ways to adapt your wedding to fit with the new regulations, need a little bit of assistance planning your wedding during a pandemic, or would like more information on our services in general, then please do feel free to get in touch with us today. If you need your wedding live streamed, we’d love to be able to help and point you in the right direction. There’s nothing we love more than wedding planning on an intimate wedding and helping you create your dream day! You can find a testimonial from a recent lockdown micro wedding below;

Testimonial from Janelle & Josh.

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