Why do I need a wedding planner if my venue already has a coordinator?

It’s a common misconception to get the two roles and responsibilities confused. Whilst I highly respect the venue coordinators role in your wedding day, they generally have an huge amount of weddings a year to focus on, making it harder for them to spend time on yours. The main focus of the venue is also to ensure their venue is looked after and also help you with general supplier recommendations. If you were to book myself as your wedding planner or wedding designer separately, I can assure you that I only look to book between 10 – 12 weddings per year (as a maximum) and will ensure I help out with every tiny little detail of your wedding including your diary and budget management.

Do you only work with specific venues/ suppliers or can I use my own?

I will always give my personal recommendations based on your likes/ dislikes and budget and carefully consider the suppliers that I think would work best for your big day. If you have suppliers that have been recommended to you by friends or family, then of course, I am always happy to meet and work with new industry friends if this makes you feel more comfortable.

Will you be at my wedding?

Of course! Unless something extraordinary happens for me to not be able to make it, I will be there from the very beginning until the very end for all ‘full wedding planner’ clients. I also make sure I take 1 wedding per day and will always ensure the 3 weeks prior to your wedding are clear of any other large scale events so you are my focus throughout.

Can you help with other pre wedding parties or private events?

Of course, I love turning a wedding day into a wedding weekend with pre wedding dinners and morning after brunch! Whilst I market myself as a wedding planner, I can also help with other events, including anniversary’s, birthday parties and baby showers.

What are your fees and do you work with a minimum budget?

As an industry standard, my fees are between 10%-12% of your overall budget unless otherwise agreed. I generally work with a minimum budget of £100,000 for average sized weddings, however I will consider smaller budgets for smaller weddings if I believe I can make it work within your design ideas.

Do you take commission from suppliers that you select for our wedding day?

I will never accept commission from other suppliers if it affects your fees in any way. Where possible I will have any included commission deducted from your fees to give you a better rate. If there are any suppliers who include this no matter what, I will then have an open and honest conversation with you to ensure you are happy for me to accept it.

What can I expect from you as my wedding planner?

You can expect a 100% personal service. No two couples are the same and therefore, no two weddings should be the same either. I love to ensure as much of your relationship is shown through your wedding day as possible. I will be on the other end of the phone whenever you need me and will keep you up to date on everything wedding related! You will receive a log in to your very own interactive wedding planner so you can see exactly where we are with you journey.

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