Do I really need a wedding planner?


One of the main questions you’re probably thinking to yourself right now is; “do I really need a wedding planner”? And the honest answer is no, maybe not, and that’s okay. There’s a strong possibility you have the entire planning situation down, your creative flair is alive and there’s just no stopping you. But For those of you that really have no idea, here’s a couple of reasons you may need a planner; you don’t have the time, the patience, the creativity, the organisational skills to bring the entire day together. You may have seen plenty of pictures on Pinterest, you may have wacky ideas that you want to bring alive, but have no idea where to start. You might just not have a clue what you want, where you want it or who you need to call to make it happen. Hopefully you do already have the fiancée though. No judgement if not.

So can a planner really help you?

This is really a personal question for each of you, so it’s difficult to answer in broad terms. I’m not a hugely salesy person, because I don’t believe your wedding planning should begin with a sales pitch, it should be exciting, not like work, however I’m here to help you. Be your guidance, your honest opinion, your sounding board, your schedule, your reminder, the communication between you and everybody else.

The entire journey for you should be fun, exciting and stress free. You’re going to meet so many new people, incredibly talented suppliers, (lots of which are here today) and hopefully enjoy lots of memorable experiences, wine tasting, cake tasting, food tastings. Through it all it’s really really important that you remember throughout that it’s about the two of you.

One of the most important things to me is making sure your personality, individuality and story as a couple is shown throughout your big day, it’s the one and only thing that separates your big day from the thousands of weddings every year. I can make your wedding beautiful, I can make sure it runs on time, everybody is happy and the drinks are flowing, however it’s those quirks that really bring the day to life.

When looking for a planner, there are many out there, so my main advice would be to find somebody that you truly trust with your wedding and someone that you genuinely like, because you will be spending so much time with them and talking to them, sharing your stories, your ideas and you really need to be able to open up with them. A really important question for you to ask them is how many weddings they do a year. Personally, I now aim to now only work with between 8 – 12 clients a year. Why? Because you want to make sure your planner is dedicated to you and your wedding solely for the last few of weeks leading up to it and not worrying about multiple weddings or events in the same week.

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