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Bride and groom standing in front of Blenheim Palace lit up in purple
Bride and groom standing in front of Blenheim Palace lit up in purple
Bride and groom standing in front of Blenheim Palace lit up in purple

When hiring a wedding planner, you typically understand what we do in the lead up to your wedding. Design, plan, schedule, budget, everything you don’t have time to do, however what about on the day of your wedding? I thought I would share with you a bit more to help you understand how we assist on the day itself.

Not only are we the first ones to arrive at your wedding venue, wherever that may be, we will also be the lasts ones to leave. Throughout the day, we’ll ensure suppliers arrive at the correct time, and have everything they need with they to set up your beautiful day as you envisioned it. After many months planning the finer details of your wedding day, our number one priority is making sure you get exactly what you had hoped for. 

Myself and my team will also have our emergency kit on standby for any issues that arise.

“I referenced I had a sore throat the night before the big day Hannah greeted me at Hedsor the next morning with cough mixture. She literally thought of everything! It was a hectic two days and we had so many moving parts. If we hadn’t had Hannah there coordinating everyone and everything it would have been very stressful. We honestly cannot recommend Hannah more. Not only is she brilliant at what she does she is also a real joy to work with!”

Becky & Jamie, Hesor House

What else do we do? Below are just a few of our responsibilities on the day of your wedding; 

  • We’ll set the venue up exactly how you envisioned it with your chosen suppliers.
  • We’ll ensure you make it down the aisle on time. Fashionably late isn’t always possible when the celebrant/ priest is running on a tight schedule. 
  • Making sure guests arrive, know where they are going and are looked after throughout the day of your wedding. From guiding them to the bathrooms, helping them find there table, assisting with coats at the end of the evening. There isn’t anything we won’t do to help!
  • Ensuring the day runs on time according to the schedule that we put together. There will always be things that pop up through the day and we love seeing the impromptu guest performances or guest speeches. We’re just here to make sure the day guests back on track.
  • If any issues were to arise, we would handle it making sure it’s sorted without you or your guests noticing. Trouble shooting is a big part of the job, because no matter how perfectly planned your wedding day is, there are many external factors you cannot control. 
  • Towards the end of the evening, we’ll make sure evrything is packed up correctly and items go home with the correct people making sure the venue are happy with how everything is left.

If you have any further questions on how we assist on the day of your wedding or would like to know more about our full wedding planning services, then please get in touch with today.

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