A Luxury Wedding Planners Guide To: A Bridesmaids Roles & Responsibilities


Bride and groom standing in front of Blenheim Palace lit up in purple
Front of Aynhoe Park on a sunny day
Bride and groom standing in front of Blenheim Palace lit up in purple
Bride and groom standing in front of Blenheim Palace lit up in purple
Bride and groom standing in front of Blenheim Palace lit up in purple

So you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid, you’re part of the Bride Squad, and what an honour! Being a bridesmaid is an exciting task, you get the pretty dress, to walk down the aisle, but above everything else, you’re beside your best friend for one of the biggest days of their life. Here we explain more about the bridemaid roles and responsibilities.

That being said, not all bridesmaids duties are fun and glamourous. There are definitlely a few behind the scenes bridesmaid roles and responsibilities on and before the wedding day itself. We’ve listed some of them below to give you a helping hand;

Dress Shopping

So the first, and the most obvious is that you will of course need to go shopping for those all important bridesmaid dresses. Let’s face it, this is probably the bit that you are most excited about, the style, the colour, the fit, so many options! As fun as this bit is, just remember to be flexible. There is a possibility of having multiple bridesmaids, all different shapes and sizes, with very different likes and dislikes, and there may not be many “one size fits all” dresses on the shelf. So be patient with each other, and with the maid of honour who tradtionally will be organising this possibly very stressful shopping trip.

The Hen Party

Organising the hen party, hen weekend, or possibly week long celebration usually falls upon the maid of honour, however you may be asked to assist with certain tasks. Be prepared to help in creating the perfect celebrations for the bride. This may include organising the guest list, the activities, the locations, the timings. We totally understand it’s stressful, it’s like planning a mini wedding!

Prepare for the Wedding Day

The months, weeks and days leading up to the big day may be stressful, especially if the couple do not have a wedding planner to assist with the suppliers and the finer details. Above everything else, you may need to become a shoulder to cry on every now and then and just be there to listen to a pre wedding rant. This is totally normal, everybody gets those last minute nerves, and it’s your job to listen and let them know everything will be okay.

The Wedding Day

On the wedding day itself, it all starts with getting the bride out of bed with a coffee and a glass of champagne! Getting ready with the bride is so important, keeping the bride happy and calm whilst in hair and make up is key! If there any any younger bridesmaids or flower girls with you, ensure they’re entertained.

When you head over to the ceremony, emotions will start running high, the nerves and excitement! Remember to keep the bouqets low to relax the shoulders and lead the way. If you have time, try and make sure there are some tissues at the end of the aisle, no doubt these will be needed!

Throughout the rest of the day, make sure between yourselves and the groomsmen, you are on hand to assist any of the guests. It may be simple things like, “where’s the bathroom?” or “what table am I sitting at?”, but it’s best to keep them happy so the couple are happy!

Last, but not least. Dance the night away. Every couples biggest fear is an empty dance floor, so when that first dance is finished, get up there and move!

If you’d like more information on organising a bridal shower or have any questions about being a bridesmaid, please get in touch now.

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