Welcome to my blog. I will be putting together a series of valuable information, insights and vital  advice on everything wedding related, including venue favourites, supplier choices, design concepts, tips, tricks and quirky ideas – to name but a few! If you have any questions relating to anything you read here then please do not hesitate to get in touch. I truly hope you find some valuable input for your wedding.

Weather on your Wedding Day

It doesn’t matter how much research you put into working out the driest day of the year or how much time you spend ensuring every single little detail of your day, one thing you need to understand from day one, is that you cannot control the weather. Even the best...

The Wedding Budget

It happened. They finally did it. The proposal! AND it was dreamy! Friends and family are over the moon, the Pinterest board is filling up and the research begins! When you finally start contacting suppliers and venues, you’ll start being asked the one question...

Do I really need a wedding planner?

One of the main questions you’re probably thinking to yourself right now is; “do I really need a wedding planner”? And the honest answer is no, maybe not, and that’s okay. There’s a strong possibility you have the entire planning situation down, your creative flair...

Hedsor House

Before even stepping into this magnificent Georgian mansion, you can understand why Hedsor House is one of our favourite country wedding venues to work with. With a kilometre-long, rhododendron lined driveway, resident highland cattle, the most astonishing...

Welcome to Maple Rose Weddings

Welcome to Maple Rose Weddings and our brand new website launch! Along with our brand new website and branding, we’re like to start a new blog helping you with your wedding journey and sharing our top tips and trends for the future. From our Director, Hannah...

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